10.09. — 16.09.2018
Human Cities

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CONFERENCE "Human Cities"

13.09. 11:00–17:00
Conference is free, but we ask 10€ for lunch.  
Please pre-register! programm@disainioo.ee
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There are many causes for the growth of cities. Industry, service, higher economic efficiency, access to cultural life and entertainment, etc. Every year, millions of Europeans abandon their ritual lifestyle to try their luck in the city. The city is synonymous with a comfortable and meaningful life.

The city is a vibrant system, the health and culture of the city depend on ourselves, in addition to city planners. Unfortunately, we often meet little interest of the urban planners in meeting the needs of the population, and often also the inadequate activity of the inhabitants.

At the Conference "Human Cities," we hear stories from visionaries and practitioners about how to cope with new challenges in the environment of rapid urbanization, how to create and maintain a decent and cultural environment in cities.

The main speakers are:

Mark Kingwell (Canada)

Liam Young (UK)

Chantal Vanoeteren (Belgium)

Also, all representatives of cities participating in the Human Cities project will be talking about the experiments and pilot projects that have been carried out in their cities.

The project was attended by 12 partners from 11 European cities: Tallinn, London, Brussels, Belgrade, Cieszyn, Saint-Etienne, Graz, Helsinki, Bilbao, Ljubljana, and Milan.