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Exhibition:FUTURE MATERIALS @ Noblessner

Exhibitions 16.09.–22.09. Mon–Wed 12:00–20:00 / Thu 12:00–19:00/ Fri 12:00–20:00 / Sun 12:00–18:00

Exhibition opening / PERFORMANCE BY ALISSA STEINER 16.09. 18.00

@ Noblessneri valukoda, Peetri 10, 10411 Tallinn, Estonia
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International exhibition “Future Materials 

showcases new materials created by designers of Holland, Hungary and Estonia. Dutch designers, artists, scientists and manufacturers took the subject as a challenge and demonstrate a variety of materials and products recreated from natural materials as well as leftovers and by-products. Each with their own new aesthetics. 

Curator: Simone de Waart. 

The aim of Hungary’s exhibition is to introduce high-tech clothing, intelligent clothing design, plant raw materials, textile innovations and trends shaping the future fashion industry. The range of innovative technologies is constantly increasing, and its field of application has apparently invaded the tools of designers in Hungary. 

Curator: Fanny Fazekas.

Estonian exhibition comprises materials as well as new products that use local eco-friendly materials, mostly bio-based. Like for example materials made of alga (not only using directly alga itself, but synthesizing different species like furcellaria and alginate), or materials cultivated by using mycelia of mushrooms and by farming bacterial cellulose. 

Curator: Kärt Ojavee.