D_O_M: clothing brand ANU RIEBERG
D_O_M: clothing brand SUSIMUST
D_O_M: clothing brand SEASONED TRAVELER
Jaga üritust

Clothing Design Show D_O_M – DESIGN IS IN FASHION

17.09. 19.00

During Tallinn Design Festival an exceptional event of presenting clothing design D_O_M – DESIGN IS IN FASHION takes place. The audience will be part of a spectacular show that opens up brand concepts.

Through attractive and conceptual show D_O_M there are presented clothes that are worked through in the same manner as design products generally. Garment, the closest layer to our body, determine the health, freedom of movement, safety, general wellbeing of a person. Estonian designers always seek for the best innovations and strive for quality in every aspect. Designed apparel is something that lasts, is worth to repair and devise.

D_O_M production Piret Mägi
Staging Anni Zupping