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International CONFERENCE "Green-Being: WTF*?"

Thu 22.09.2022 at 10—16
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@ Baltic Manufactory; Manufaktuuri Tänav 5, Tallinn

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FREE / with lunch 15 €. 
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XVII Tallinn Design Festival international conference:

The international conference "Green-Being: WTF?*" will challenge greenwashing by presenting best practices and inspiring solutions from designers and product and service developers. Does the solution lie in recycling and new environmentally friendly materials only, or is it possible to redesign production processes to lengthen the value chain of materials and products?

The keynote speakers will include John Thackara, design-thinker and writer, who will find answers to how all kinds of political strategies touch people in their daily working lives. Reet Aus PhD, fashion innovator, enterpreneur, senior researcher at Estonian Academy of Arts / DiMa will hopefully find the answer to what happens when we step outside this world of things? How does the universe design itself? Kai Realo, chairman of the board in Ragn-Sells, talks about the circular economy and consumer habits, i.e. how to satisfy people's need for individuality and personalization with the help of a few resources and new technologies. Eray Sertaç Ersayin, board member of the World Design Organisation (WDO) and President of the Turkish Industrial Designers Society talks about the value and impact that designers can bring in the circular journey - from the idea to the final product or the system.

We are honoured to have a video greeting from the president of the World Design Organisation, David Kusuma PhD. MoA Sergio Dávila Urrutia, an industrial designer and research professor at UAM Mexico, presents an exploratory experience aimed at reshaping the notion of biodesign in order to strengthen the training of future industrial designers and be more prepared to design with biotechnology. Paula Nerlich, material designer, PhD candidate from Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment, will discuss new materials thinking within circular systems. Kärt Ojavee PhD, artist, designer and researcher at the Estonian Academy of Arts Sustainable Design and Materials Lab/DiMa peeks into the questions of sources, value, narratives and how could practice-led design research bring a change into the perception of materials around us. The panel is led by Päivi Tahkokallio.

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