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Jaga üritust

Children’s Program Mini-Manufactory: children's handmade creations


@ Baltic Manufactory; Manufaktuuri Tänav 5, Tallinn
For free!
In this year's Tallinn Design Festival, the keywords for the children's area are Game as a performance and Game as a set of signals. A marked trail leads to the children's area and the game starts as soon as you enter the festival area: the winding wires point to the play area. Following the wires, a maze of pipes is discovered: in their chaos, they captivate the player and enliven the game mood.

The creators of the children's area are Linda Zupping and Eva Liisa Kubinyi.

“A play space is a location specifically created to accommodate play but does not impose any particular type of play, set of activities, purpose, or goal or reward structure.” - Miguel Sicart, Play Matters

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