16.–22. SEPT


XIX Tallinn Design Festival

Make Room for Design! - Design Empowering Spaces

Taking place for the 19th time this year already, the Tallinn Design Festival is based on four pillars: debates and exhibitions on the future of design for professionals and students; community-engaging events; a rich satellite programme; and design commerce.

Since 2006 NGO Disainiöö has organised The Tallinn Design Festival. The initiative, which started as a part of the Design cultural theme year at the time, soon grew into a week-long design event and now serves as the biggest design festival in the Baltics, concentrating each year on the most important themes in the design scene.

For almost two decades, the focus has been on design culture, future materials, innovation, sustainability, artificial intelligence, green design and social spaces.

You can learn about the previous festivals more closely

2023 //DESIGN 4.0 

2022 //Green-Being: WTF?* way to the future

2021 //
SOS Design

2020 //Design For Need

2019 //Future Materials

2018 //Human Cities

2017 //
Design Culture

2016 //Redefining Design

2015 //Future design? Design future!

2014 //Discover good design

2013 //Seeking design boundaries

2012 //Design matters

2011 //
Design driven innovation

2010 //Design at your service

2009 //Resourcefulness. Innovation. Sustainability. Recycling.

2008 //Bow to creativity

2007 //Arts and Lights in Tallinn

2006 //Caution! Design


Main organizer
Ilona Gurjanova
+372 55573687
Technical director
Rinald Kodasma
+372 51937600
Kirke Tatar
+372 55590787
Evelin Ojamets
+372 5212890
Info & Photo
Kevin Loigu
+372 5232627
Visual identity
Erik Teemägi / PUTKA
INTERIOR+ & Satellites
Silvi Grigorjeva
+372 522 90 88
Design Street
Cristopher Siniväli
+372 5307 6016
Fashion Design Show DOM Creative Director
Piret Mägi
ArtsThread exhibition
Kristin Kivimäe
Opening Show
Andri Luup
Diana Edur
Showcase project lead
Kersti Jaani
+372 5047593
Sound & light
Virgo Jaani
+372 5044561
Space Planner
Liisalota Kroon
+372 56677710
Art projects
Indrek Leht
+372 5155365
Childrens area
Katrin-Maria Terras
+372 53030749
Photo team manager
Laura Palling
Photo team manager
Kaie Kiil
+372 53406905
Liis Mutli
Estonian Association of Landscape Architects
Maarja Gustavson
Estonian Association of Landscape Architects
Maali Roomet-Allese
Marko Kekishev


NGO (MTÜ) Disainiöö

Ankru 8, 11713 Tallinn
+372 55573687

It’s about time to visit ESTONIA!

The Republic of Estonia has been an independent state since 1918, which was interrupted by the half a century long Soviet occupation following the World War II. Estonia restored its independence in 1991, known as The Singing Revolution that was inspired by the more than century-old song festival tradition.

Today's Estonia is a thriving and forward-looking member state of EU and NATO, where you can vote online and start your own business in less than half an hour. Many have done so already, including the founders of Skype and Wise.

1) Estonia's capital Tallinn is the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe

2) Estonia is one of the least religious countries in the world

3) Estonia is a Digital Society

4) Estonia has a population of just 1.3 million but is larger than Denmark or Holland

+ 4th urban air quality in the world
+ 51% of mainland covered with forests
+ 22 % of farmland is certified organic, 2nd best
in Europe
+ 2nd best place for bird watching in Europe
+ more than 2,000 km of hiking trails
+ limestone cliffs and lake-studded hills
+ 3,800-km - long coastline for yachting
+ over 2,000 islands
+ five seasons
+ top 10 cleanest air in the world
+ Tallinn - European Green Capital 2023
+ top 5 country for sustainable tourism

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