25.09. — 01.10.2017
Design Culture
Tallinn Design Festival is a significant annual event demonstrating the achievements of designers of Estonia and other countries but also the mind set of design community. Read more...

Main events

Seminar "Design Culture"
At the seminar "Design Culture" the design specialists from different countries debate about understanding and development of design culture in society. How are aesthetics, ethic, business, semiotics, education, technological heritage and organisation culture connected to design culture? Is the well-designed organisation capable of creating products and services of high design value? Does design thinking facilitate understanding of design being holistic and human-centred, not just creating beautiful things? How much will commercial success be influenced and can efficiency be the only big end for the organisation? Emotions are as important as intellect; immeasurable things are as important as measurable. We try to find the human side in business.

The seminar "Design Culture" leads us to humanity in design and business.
Michael Thomson, a well-known design strategist, Jak Spencer, an expert of inclusive design and Oscar Tomico, a specialist on smart textiles show us the ways to improve the quality of life with the help of design. Christian Pagh from Denmark tells us how to vivify design culture in the context of organization. Kristian Keinänen, the president of Ornamo and Kristjan Mändmaa discuss about design education and design awareness. Jüri Kermik concentrates on plywood and furniture. Simo Heikkilä discusses about ebbing of hands-on abilities. Deborah Alden from New York opens up the backgrounds of 21st century fashion industry. Thilo von Debschitz offers an interesting study to friends of graphic.
The seminar is moderated by Ilona Gurjanova and the panel discussion by Michael Thomson.

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Design Street & Fashion Cross
The design fair Design Street will also rise for this years festival and you don’t need a drvier’s license to commute. Walk through good design as all of the greatest fashion, accessory, product and interior design will have its own address. In addition to just relaxing your eyes, Design Street is a great opportunity to purchase some of the best design for yourself.

If your feet get tired, you can experience some great (street) food in our pop up cafes.

More info and introduction of participants

● Interior and product design

•  ELKE Mööbel 
•  Monika Järg / stuudio Tekstiil Ruumis
•  Home From North 
•  WOH 
•  Estonian Design House / Eesti Disaini Maja 
•  Nufnuf 
•  Kaaren Stuudio 
•  Intera 
•  Valhalla Living 
• Standfold Design Studio
•  Hõrd
•  PULO disain 
•  Trallibussikoondis 
•  TEKERO PÕRANDAD - vaibastuudio  
•  Pehmö by Mairi Laide 
•  Triibuvineer 
•  Pulkdesign 
•  Norna 
•  JALG 
•  Pesuliisu 
•  Moe Muusa 
•  Liivi Leppik & Visioon tekstiil  
•  Hõrd 
• P.O.T.T

● Praphics and skincare

•  Krõõt Kukkur Illustrations 
•  Type Tomorrow 
•  paranoia publishing group ltd  
•  Bold Tuesday 
•  Härra Aprill 
•  Tilk.bio Skincare 
•  Moshi 
• Tegude Kalender

● Clothing and accessories

Anu Samarüütel _ artist
Donna Nordica 
Agnes Veski Jewelry 
Raili Nolvak fashion design 
Urmas Lüüs 
Seco by Jane Aus 
Kadi Veesaar Jewellery 
KUMA Design 
• Vilve Unt
•  New Vintage by Kriss 
•  Kristel Suigussaar Design
Tiina Andron Design 
•  Studio HÕBE 
• VARKKI / Jaana Varkki
• miDeer
•  Mokoko Labs | designer leather goods
• Kadri Kruus - Bags and Accessories
• Stuudio Nahk
• Studio Mari Seger
• Sigrid Kuusk
• Monquer  
• ARRO design
•  Liisa Soolepp 
• Haiku Minimal
• KUUL Design
• Piret Loog
• Stuudio Ankoopi
• Stuudio Emma Leppermann ja Semimari
• Ulmann
• Piece of Cake by Krista Tulp
• Kristi Liiva Jewelry
• Stella Soomlais
• Piret Ilves
• Black Bag
• HKM_Jewellery
• Astrid Rajalo
• Maarja Niinemägi ehted
• Anneli Tammik EHTED & TUUB
• Olevus Art  
• SOFIA LARK / Laura Selecka
• Inga Radikainen /Leather accessories and shoe design
• Talkativ
• Hiiu Vill
• Marge Lillo / Nyxbymarge
• LOREN Design
• Bïut
• Hansel Tai
• NotoriousObsessionS (NOS)
• Marita Lumi
• Good Bad Not Ugly by Ester Faiman  
• Laliis
• RitaEhted
• magicdesign.ee
• Greenbird by Marili Rooba
• Pearlstory
• MyaMoon
• Ateljee Cherie  
• Pearls by Mariliis Sepper
• Wooden Lifestyle
• Chintamani Alchemistry
• NYMF Moestuudio

● Design for children

• TUDU lasteriided
• DarkroomCat
• Lulukids
• Disainistuudio Muna  
• Vilde&Voldemar  
• Goldmerk  
• Nona  
• klikkklakk
• Umbra
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