25.09. — 01.10.2017
Design Culture


The 12th Tallinn Design Festival (25th Sept – 1st Oct 2017)
Design Culture
Tallinn Design Festival is a significant annual event demonstrating the achievements of designers of Estonia and other countries but also the mind set of design community.
The venues of the festival have often happened to be neglected pearls of architecture becoming the favourites of public afterwards. The creative vitality of the city is assured by intensive programme of satellites. Among the partners there are beside designers both start-up and experienced organisations, manufacturers, educational institutions and other establishments. In collectively composed festival programme one can find formats going deeper into design world, cultural and entertaining events and initiatives promoting design trade.
The programme of the 12th Tallinn Design Festival (25th Sept – 1st Oct 2017) concentrates on design culture. We expect the festival visitor to renew his design knowledge and experience design as a holistic discipline integrated into our every-day life with its aesthetics and human-centred processes and solutions.
The programme of the festival varies from educative lectures, excursions and workrooms to exhibitions, light installations and fashion. Different target groups, including kids, are involved. Everyone can participate as a presenter or spectator at PechaKucha Night and lecture „Me, Designer“. The benefit from the Design Auction will support the studies of a young Estonian designer abroad. 
Design Street and Fashion Alley will be open “for traffic” to communicate with fashion designers face to face and buy their products. Vegan textiles will be in focus this year. The festival proudly presents the winners of the Planet Gaia 2050 competition. Smart textiles will try to find answers to questions how can technology-related clothes turn our society into more harmonic one. City bees is a topic which involve designers and students.
The seminar “Culture of Design” leads us to human-centred principles in career and business. The key-note speaker is an expert of inclusive design from the U.K showing us how to make life better through design. There will lecture by Jüri Kermik and also stories about design culture from other countries. Simo Heikkilä expresses his concern for dying craft skills. Thought provoking case-studies with Design For All approach will arrive from Finland.
A poetry corner will give designers the possibility to present their own poetry, literature will also be included in creative street design.
In Architecture and Design Gallery Simo Heikkilä and Toivo Raidmets tandem will show the solid cooperation between Finland and Estonia with the exhibition "FINEST FURNITURE DESIGN". German graphic designers will present the best calendars. Fresh Estonian posters HGDF rejoice visitors.

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Main organizer
Ilona Gurjanova
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Technical support
Andre Poopuu
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Technical support
Liisi-Daisy Koplimaa
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Social media and marketing
Kirke Tatar
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Design manager
Helena Koop
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Exhibition curator
Kristin Kivimäe
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Afterparty manager
Madlen Hirtentreu
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Fashion Design Show
Piret Mägi
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Light installations
Indrek Leht
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Fund-raising Design Auction
Tõnis Vellama
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Fund-raising Design Auction
Maarja Marga
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Volunteer coordinator
Mari Mäekivi
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Info manager
Jaanika Kikkas
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Photo, animation & film
Mari-Liis Heinsaar
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MTÜ DisainiÖÖ
Estonian Design House
Kalasadama 8
Tallinn 10145


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