16.–22. SEPT

Jaga üritust

Design Forum "Empowering Spaces Through Design"

Thu at 10:00–16:00
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This year the International Design Forum will take place in three parts.

First, four experts in their respective fields of design, architecture and urban planning will deliver their keynotes.

After that, the middle part of the forum is dedicated for the introduction to and presentation of the four-year EU project "SMOTIES - Creative Works for Small and Remote Places". Here, in addition to the project's ten partners sharing their experience, book presentation for the project's publication 'Remote Places, Public Spaces' will take place.

The forum will end with a panel discussion.
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Welcome coffee

10:00–12:00 Keynote speakers
10:00 Introduction by Ilona Gurjanova (EST)
10:15 Cameron Sinclair (USA)
10:50 Stephan Clambaneva (USA)
11:20 Spyros Bofylatos (Greece)
11:40 Kitti Butter (Hungary)


13:00~15:20 EU Project 'SMOTIES - Creative Works for Small and Remote Places' Presentations
13:00 SMOTIES Project Introduction (Politecnico di Milano, SMOTIES coordinator)
13:20 Publication 'Remote Places, Public Spaces' Introduction by author Michael Dumiak
13:40 Austria (FH JOANNEUM)
13:50 UK (Clear Village)
14:00 France (Cité du Design)
14:10 Slovenia (Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia)
14:20 Iceland (Alternance slf)
14:30 Italy (Politecnico di Milano)
14:40 Portugal (Universidade da Madeira)
14:50 Greece (University of the Aegean)
15:00 Poland (Zamek Cieszyn)
15:10 Estonia (Estonian Association of Designers)

15:20 Panel Discussion

16:00 End of Conference